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About Us


Travelling through our home city of London, we felt that we rarely saw African or African-inspired art in mainstream spaces. Such beautiful, culturally rich and diverse artworks were simply not widely accessible to members of the public. If you wanted them they were there, but they were quite hard to find. In addition to this, we found that many still perceived African art through a somewhat antiquated lens. The most primitive forms of expressionism is what usually springs to mind — a notion leading people to believe that only those directly associated with African culture and traditions can derive meaning from such pieces. It was also sobering to note that African and African-inspired art still only makes up a tiny proportion of the overall western art market.


This left us feeling that there was a space of great potential waiting to be discovered — that most people have never had the opportunity to deeply explore the world of African and African-inspired art. We're certain that if they did, they would appreciate the unique style and concede that it would most likely make a remarkable feature in any home.

Yellow Sun Studios was created to fill this gap. Our goal is to be at the forefront in giving this type of art greater prominence in the art world and to present this bold, vivid and vibrant tapestry of creativity to the consciousness of the wider public. There are compelling stories waiting to be told and rich references to explore in these artworks. At Yellow Sun Studios, your journey may start with abstract expressionism and end with the intricate detailing of traditional masks.

Contemporary African art is a wonderfully varied field exhibiting unique and exceptional work that highlights the cultural diversity of the continent and beyond. With this in mind, we made a promise to do our very best in offering an accessible and user-friendly platform for users to reflect upon and explore the diversity of African and African-inspired artworks. We champion art as one of the greatest mediums available to us in enhancing the quality of our lives.

We have bold plans for the future. We hope to work closely and give greater exposure to up and coming artists by elevating them and supporting them in reaching a wider audience. We will work hard in building the infrastructure to enable us to do this — an infrastructure that also enables us to build a vibrant hub of creativity and connection between artists, collectors and enthusiasts alike.

At Yellow Sun Studios, we are excited to explore these new directions and share them with you — we want you to be inspired by what you see.

We’re proud to offer our collection to you, and we warmly invite you to join us on this fascinating journey of aesthetic discovery. 


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